Just how did we get here?

person wearing pair of brown leather loafers
Photo by Avinash Patel on Pexels.com

|Hi peepz,

I hope all is well on the outside,

A while back, I played a game of truth or dare with myself, you see a few months ago I read a blog post from TooandLee where she dared the reader to start, not necessarily start a blog no, start anything they have been wanting to do… mine happens to be a blog, among other things, so with the gut wrenching fear of being one of the folks who don’t  “Walk the Talk” I simply had to start. I read her blog almost 3 month ago and I kept telling myself “I’m not ready” , “I can’t write” , “What will people think? “or “Maybe i should just open a couples YouTube channel” unfortunately for your girl, at that time I was very single. So I took a step back, I really thought about this new journey I wanted to take in my life and I decided I’d do it win or lose. It would be a lifestyle blog, a venting space, a safe place with no judgment, heck anything I felt like doing, reviews, travel, lifestyle, Spiritual growth all the works… except that was too much, it wouldn’t have a definite direction (but who needs direction anyway?)

Except, everyone needs some kind of direction, so when WordPress asked what this blog would be about I wrote “Lifestyle”, “Travel” and “Growth”.

“The beginning is always today.” —Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Now here we are, welcome to Inkas Space – A Space of non-Judgment, Comfort, Some tears, Some Laughs but mostly Love.

Grab a seat we’re going on a ride you and I, we’re going to do everything, we’re taking this no direction route and we are going to live it up, kick back and let me tell you how I experience this life thing. Allow me to welcome you, here’s a cup of tea let’s get to it.

Let this be the place you don’t need to conform.



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